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about us

IMAGEARIUM is a boutique collection of beautiful images that is sure to delight, awe, inspire and most of all, fill your photographic needs.  Each image is photographed ethically giving care to the subject/s and their environment.  All subjects are photographed in their natural settings, otherwise noted.  We have a great respect and reverence for all of God’s creations, and our subjects are never baited.


IMAGEARIUM is, and always will be family friendly, some images may be graphic in nature, such as animals feeding. 


We offer a wide variety of subjects from Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolts to Nigel Mansell in his Indy years at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to Downy Woodpeckers. We offer astrological images as well. We Constantly strive to expand our library in content, creativity and always, quality.



Each image is processed to bring out the most in detail, accurate color rendition without oversaturation, and noise control.  We work a lot on expanding the contrast of each image to give it a more realistic representation of the subject.  HD work is subtle, never overworked.  All Moon images are real as photographed, the Moon is NEVER added to “Artistically” enhance an image, EVER.



Remember, when you’re out in nature, take only photographs – leave only footprints.


The Commercial and Real Estate pages of this site are for portfolio viewing only and the images are not for sale.


As always, thank you for your time and take care.

And Stay Tuned.

And one more thing,

I’m a hunter, when I’m in the field.  My gun of choice, a Canon EOS-1D X, my ammunition ranges from 17mm to 840mm, right now.  My prey, the beauty in the stalk, the patience in the hunt, the capture of one of God’s magnificent creations, be it a beautiful Orchid or a majestic Eagle, a hunt is a hunt.  Different days bring different opportunities, that’s what it’s all about.  I love it all, it’s the beauty in it – you just have to look, it’s always there, sometimes you just have to hunt a bit.  I view all these gifts as Blessings and I’m to do my best with these opportunities.  A while back I had found a beautiful, lush patch of Butter Lupine, however the only problem was, this patch of Butter Lupine was at the base of a large retail sign near a freeway on/ off ramp.  Well, you park as close as you can without getting yourself killed, or anybody else, always got to lookout for others, grab your gear and make it happen.  In that case, it was mostly all macro work with some images to document the whole.  It all worked out good, and I added some quality work to the library.

“Dream till your dreams come true.” – Steven Tyler

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